released April 29, 2019


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Gypsy UK

Artist/Audio Sculptor/Poet

Gypsy has been active in the underground music scene since the early 80's, . He also releases projects as Arzathon / Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste / Trolls on Acid / Dreamtime Troubadours. ... more

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Track Name: I Arise Today
I Arise Today

I arise today
Through the strength of heaven:
Through the Light of sun,
The Radiance of moon,
I arise today
Through the Splendor of fire,
The Speed of lightning,
The Swiftness of wind,
The Depth of sea,
I arise today
Through the Stability of earth
the Firmness of rock.
Track Name: The Trees Prayer

Ye who would pass by and raise your hand against me,
Hearken ere you harm me: I am the heat of your hearth on the cold winter nights,
The friendly shade screening you from the summer sun;
And my fruit are refreshing draughts ,Quenching your thirst as you journey on.
I am the beam that holds up your house . The board of your table,
The bed on which you lie
And the timber that builds your boat.
I am the handle of your hoe
And the door of your homestead
The wood of your cradle
And the shell of your coffin
I am the gift of God
And the friend of man.
Ye who pass by, listen to my prayer.

Track Name: In The Dreamtime
In the Dreamtime

Ageless wisdom comes again
Unknown to watcher’s clouded eyes.
Aerie glimpse of ancient truth’
is strange to all who hold the lie.

Feelings deep and known to Mother
Part are we of nature’s bowels
We who belong to dust and depths
are only keepers of the sheep and fowl.

Dream me now with light and goodness
Heal and bless to stop the cries.
Whisper softly to the night winds.
Cast your vision in her sighs.

Call to west and eastern shores,
as half of all that makes us whole,
Voicing now the sleeping reason.
deep within primeval soul

Rocks and trees and loamy earth,
Part of One as part are we,
All creatures of the sky and forest,
Beasts of earth and watery sea

Dream me now with light and goodness,
heal and bless to stop the cries,
Whisper softly to the night winds,
Cast your vision in her sighs.

by Mystery School Initiate, Jackie Anath
Track Name: The Mystery
The Mystery

I am the wind that breathes upon the sea
I am the wave of the ocean
I am the murmur of the billows
I am the ox of the seven combats
I am the vulture upon the rocks
I am a beam of the sun
I am the fairest of plants
I am a wild boar in valour
I am a salmon in the water
I am a lake in the plain
I am a word of science
I am the point of the lance of battle
I am the God who created in the head the fire
Who is it who throws light into the meeting on the mountain?
Who announces the ages of the moon?
Who teaches the place where couches the sun? (If not I?)

— Amergin, brother of Evir, Ir, and Eremon, the first Milesian princes
Track Name: I Am The Creator That Dreams
I am the Creator that Dreams

I am the Creator that dreams
I am the Creation
I am the atom, the molecule and the space in between
I am the trees and the forest, the wind and the air
The stars and the twinkle
I dance the cosmic dance , I am the dance
I am you and you are me
There is no separation only oneness
I am thought I am matter
I am love and I am joy
I am sadness and sorrow
I am he and I am she, and I am it
I am the flower and the stone
I am the heartbeat and the rain
The sorrow and the pain
The moon and the stars
I am all and all is me
Life is my thought and my dream
I am all there is and all there is, is me
I am now and becoming
Forever unfolding in the mist of time.
I dream and so it is
You are child of light, I am the Flame of Life
No separation exists, only union
The child lives within the flame
Feel my presence, feel my magic
All is magic, all is life, my beloved flower
Allow the joy and love to flow through you
And out there.
As you touch the word know that it is my hand and my voice
As the world touches you, know that it is I
Feel the exchange folding back into itself
As I touch your mind know that you are transformed
Never to be the same again
Transformed from darkness to light
From sleeping to wakefulness,
And so the world awakes, one cell at a time
One cell in happy awareness of union with the divine
Your time has come daughter of Light arise in your wakefulness and help to
create paradise, in love and joy
Be a conscious participant Live in the now.
Not tomorrow or yesterday but in the only time that is real, eternity.

by Mystery School Initiate, Ember Flower
Track Name: Protection

In protection, strength;
In strength, understanding;
In understanding, knowledge;
In knowledge, the knowledge of justice;
In the knowledge of justice, the love of it;
In that love, the love of all existences;
In the love of all existences, the love of God/Goddess.
And all goodness.

Amended From: The Book Of Druidry by Ross Nichols

Who will hold my hand?
Who will send the energy on to weave a circle of light?
I call on the light,
I call to the Lord and the Lady, whatever you wish to call them,
I call to the four corners of the Earth,
Strengthen this circle and let the power grow,
Let the love flow!

A Druidic Prayer

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