by Gypsy



released September 17, 2018


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Gypsy UK

Artist/Audio Sculptor/Poet

Gypsy has been active in the underground music scene since the early 80's, . He also releases projects as Arzathon / Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste / Trolls on Acid / Dreamtime Troubadours. ... more

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Track Name: Our Serpent Sex (Pagan Moon Mix)
Our Serpent Sex

Hell's sumptuous sweat surrounds my soul
Sacred was this space
Sacred were the sweet strains
The noble pipes
Like those champions of chivalry
I slipped into sleep
Plunged into the deep waters
Your jaws around my waist
A brain so wild
Our serpent sex betrayed
Love pierced its eyes
So much evil survives

The sacred calm, the vale of life
Whispering from the slums of paradise
I was a dog on these streets
Some pensive spirit from dunes of coal
Beyond the forest of the night
Praying to the carcass of a tightened drum
Once true and kind, that solving emptiness
Unreachable - changed from love to lie
A moon - sinking in the holy christian tongue virtue
Praised with sour humble hands, gestures and psalms
From the fields of a loveless land

The reasonable song of savages
Seated beauty on its knee
Armed itself against justice
Contrived to purge the mind
To strangle it
Where all hearts opened towards the spirit
For the body and for the soul
Utterly forsaken - you who love the absence
That impulse for religion
Misfortune was its god
That look so lost, on a face so dead
Courage and destruction inspire these people
Their loathing - a motherless fatherland
Roaring debauchery of that madness disaster
Our extent of innocense
Life - a monstrous dose of venom
A glimpse of conversion - happiness
Mans melodious noble ambition

Track Name: Sidney Nights (Solitude Mix)
Sidney nights

Gonna clean these shades
so that they shine
and the town can see its face
in the image I create

down this glass of whiskey
push the plunger to the base
feel this £10 rush
break the cage

watch these lights change
from red to green
it doesn't mean I'm going
just means I been

she said she wanted 20
I said I only had 15
which wiped the smile from her face
but didn't break the deal

on the street where she lives
on the street where she'll die
is the street where she was born


written 1989
Track Name: Language Of Priorities (Before The Dust Settles)
Language Of Priorities

Life should be a feast
With all hearts opened
A drunken sleep on the beach

A generation away from extinction
Our lonely self-abnegating sacrificial instincts
We slave of slaves
Aiding in our acquisition
Paying for existing
With terror and slaughter
We Slaves of capitalists
With our Mystic fear of consequences
With No sense of faith
No sense of spiritual direction
This day to day drudgery
Where Only the paranoid survive
Our Governments - murdered minds and spirit
So cryptic, almost meaningless
With ruin upon ruin
Death upon death
As indefensible as infanticide
The blood of the seed
In this newest state of civilization.
We dream a volcano of revolution
Search for faith
A spritual blessing
The good and the beautiful
The mechanics of culture
Those Engineers of the soul

The bullet-headed many
With their god of creation
That confused state
Permanent and temporary
A lily in their medieval hand
This revolt against fate
Born of humiliation
This madness of art -

Is this the heart of man
His pillars of smoke
The face of the deep
Our primitive nothing
That grand perhaps
The big issue of our times

This moment of awakening
Lights up my abyss
Quarrels with the world
Our sacred aromatics of filthy education
Grumbling beggars, artists, scoundrels
From that same desert - these ghoul kings of the world
Exempt from all morality - nuture us with lies
Bury my imagination
This precious flame - Unwanted
return it to the soil
This insanity of mans creation
That wolf that worries the beast
My head full of roads under natures stars
This strange climate, will burn our lungs
Will tan our skin

Fierce invalids,
mixed up in the roots of suffering
Your betrayals,
our disgust
Which lies should we uphold
The burden, the desert
Any divine image whatsoever
The intractable convict - his flowering labor
The witness of glory, reason
Our soul's half dead to good
That frivolous taste of freedom
Dry ourselves in the air of crime

Track Name: African Witchcraft
African Witchcraft

The gaps have appeared
You - who are -
Part of the extended group
Decaying in melting time
There is....
One lost amoungst us
The issues of the future are as yet undreamt
Here in this computor time network
Of ourselves by others
We have become
Mentally ill and politically backward
The task now - survival

Face to face
With the voice of torment
Those we trusted
They are short sighted and rooted in disease
Have left us with a challenge
To be side by side
Our brothers and sister, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters
Out in the cold
on their streets of damnation
For their demise
The defense department developed the needle
The void that festers
Between your way of life
And the body of another
Genesis must have taken place
In a computor time network
This continual internal motion
Of ourselves by others
And others by ourselves
This daily struggle in paradise


Written - 1988

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