1. Weaveworld Suspended
    Arzathon (feat. kristianne Gale & Phil Ogison)

  2. Heartbeats In The Ocean Of Stress

  3. Past The Scope Of Any Sun

  4. The Schoenberg Paradox

  5. The Soul Of Motion

  6. Stories Of Life And Love

  7. The Reading Room

  8. Empire Of Sensibility

  9. Jonestown - Seven Acts Of Fate

  10. The Dropout Symphony

  11. Requiem Pro Pauperbus

  12. The Place Of The First Time

  13. Reprise

  14. Stimulate The Enviroment

  15. The Grey Zone

  16. Dreaming The World Into Being

  17. Fox And The Flies

  18. Planet Of Experimentation

  19. Disorder Of Thinking

  20. Cult Of Reason

  21. Torment Of Contrition

  22. Caught In A Final Moment

  23. Behind The Scenes
    Arzathon & Franco Falsini

  24. In Bed with Demo-Crazy

  25. Bouncin' Off Reality

  26. Any Spare Change

  27. There Will Always Be Another John

  28. Within The Eye Of The Needle

  29. The War Machine

  30. Cedar Hill - The Last Stronghold

  31. Boundaries Of Decadence

  32. Vocalmental

  33. Vocalmental II (Engine Room Hollow)

  34. Invoking The Spirits
    Dreamtime Troubadours

  35. Under The Bamboo Tree
    Dreamtime Troubadours

  36. The Gale Project
    Dreamtime Troubadours

  37. Cities Of Sorrow
    Trolls on Acid

  38. Down Talweg (strange frequencies radio)
    Trolls on Acid

  39. Coupe De Grace
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  40. Wherever You May Be (Part 1)
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  41. Wherever You May Be (Part 2)
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  42. Tales From The Crypt (Vol.I) Transaudio Lobotomy
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  43. Tales From The Crypt (Vol.II)
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  44. Tales From The Crypt (V0l.III) Transotomy
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  45. And Then The Leaves Fell...
    Gypsy (artists now known as Arzathon)

  46. Back From The Day (Vol.I)
    Gypsy (artist now known as Arzathon)


Arzathon Sweden

Artist/Audio Sculptor/Poet/Independent Filmmaker

.....Arzathon has been part of the international home recording movement called "cassette culture"since the early 80's. Has worked with artists such as Phil Ogison, Franco Falsini, Don Campau Brian Fowler, Kristianne Gale, Belinda Subraman ... more

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