1. Dead Pool Renaissance
    Arzathon & Eugene R. Speciale

  2. The Reflections of Us
    Arzathon & InDusTreeAILace Productions

  3. Forlorn Lover
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Eric Wallack, InDusTreeAILace Productions

  4. Minority Manipulation
    Arzathon & Raith Grantham

  5. Smoke And Mirrors

  6. Hidden Within
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Mark Kissinger, Zzaj

  7. Calling All Occupants
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Alonzo Phillips, Eric Wallack, Ken Hyder

  8. Steampunk Undertow
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Amy Denio, Greg Segal, David Wortman, Jeff McLeod

  9. State of Affairs
    Arzathon, Phil Ogison, Bret Hart, Greg Segal, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jeff McLeod

  10. Home Is Where The Heart Is
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Jeff McLeod, Phil Ogison, Belinda Subramen, Greg Segal

  11. Elements of Earth
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Tom Nunn, Belinda Subramen, Phil Ogison

  12. Reality Maps
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Greg Segal

  13. Reinvention Of Soul Purpose
    Arzathon, Bret Hart & Amy Denio

  14. Tested To Perfection
    Arzathon, Bret Hart

  15. Wherever You May Be (Now)
    Arzathon, Belinda Subramen, Bret Hart, John Jasnoch

  16. Wherever You May Be
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  17. Within The Space Given
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, David Wortman

  18. Taking The Abstract
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Eric Wallack, Tragic Bunny, Gentlemaniac, Don Campau, David Wortman

  19. East of Eden
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Ken Hyder, Amy Denio, Eric Wallack, David Wortman, Don Campau

  20. All Small Sins
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Phil Hargreaves, Jeff McLeod, Tom Nunn & Phil Ogison

  21. Welcome To The Tribe
    Arzathon & Bret Hart

  22. Land Of Ice And Snow

  23. Beatnik Ressurection
    Arzathon, Don Campau, Bret Hart & Ben Horrendous

  24. Sound Revolution
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Greg Segal, Jeff McLeod, Dick "Rotcod Zzaj" Metcalf

  25. Mass (In The Church Of Mankind)
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Funkmeister G

  26. No Rhyme Or Reason

  27. From The Inside Out
    Arzathon & Phil Ogison

  28. Arc Of Descent

  29. Prowler In The Dark
    Arzathon & Phil Ogison

  30. When Gods Dream

  31. Where Angels Fear To Tread
    Arzathon & Phil Ogison

  32. Specimens
    Arzathon (feat. Phil Ogison, Kristianne Gale, Jenni French & Franco Falsini)

  33. The Schoenberg Paradox (paradoxically)
    Arzathon (feat. Kristianne Gale, Belinda Subraman & Phil Ogison)

  34. There Will Always Be Another John

  35. Disorder Of Thinking

  36. Mother Hearts Sorrow

  37. Heartbeats In The Ocean Of Stress
    Arzathon ( feat. Krisitianne Gale )

  38. Past The Scope Of Any Sun

  39. The Soul Of Motion

  40. The Reading Room

  41. Empire Of Sensibility

  42. Jonestown - Seven Acts Of Fate
    Arzathon & Phil Ogison

  43. The Dropout Symphony

  44. Requiem Pro Pauperbus

  45. The Place Of The First Time

  46. Reprise
    Arzathon ( feat. Shanna Dawn, Belinda Subraman & Phil Ogison )

  47. Stimulate The Enviroment

  48. The Grey Zone
    Arzathon ( feat. Phil Ogison )

  49. Dreaming The World Into Being

  50. Fox And The Flies

  51. Planet Of Experimentation

  52. Cult Of Reason

  53. Torment Of Contrition

  54. Caught In A Final Moment

  55. Behind The Scene
    Arzathon & Franco Falsini

  56. Bouncin' Off Reality

  57. Any Spare Change
    Arzathon (feat. Phil Ogison)

  58. Within The Eye Of The Needle

  59. Cedar Hill - The Last Stronghold

  60. Boundaries Of Decadence

  61. In Bed with Demo-Crazy

  62. Dispite It All

  63. My Natural Tongue

  64. Arzathon (Best of)

  65. Sketches from the Afterlife
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, John Jasnoch

  66. First Contact
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Scotty Irving

  67. Passing Time
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Amy Denio, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Phil Ogison

  68. (Kaos Of) eMortality
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Mika Rintala & Funkmeister G

  69. Stories Of Life And Love
    Arzathon (feat. Shanna Dawn)

  70. The War Machine

  71. Invoking The Spirits
    Dreamtime Troubadours

  72. Under The Bamboo Tree
    Dreamtime Troubadours

  73. The Gale Project
    Dreamtime Troubadours

  74. Cities Of Sorrow
    Trolls on Acid

  75. Down Talweg (strange frequencies radio)
    Trolls on Acid

  76. Coupe De Grace
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  77. Tales From The Crypt (Vol.I) Transaudio Lobotomy
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  78. Tales From The Crypt (Vol.II)
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  79. Tales From The Crypt (V0l.III) Transotomy
    Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste

  80. Parts Of The Whole

  81. Viersen

  82. Sunglass Alimony

  83. Yesterday Comes Quicker Than Tomorrow

  84. The Other Side Of A Tear

  85. Not At All

  86. More Reality Than True

  87. And Then The Leaves Fell...

  88. The White Courtesy Telephone

  89. This Tape Is Therefore I Am
    Gypsy (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  90. The Shame That Binds
    Gypsy & Gina Fear (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  91. Discovery One (various artists)
    Rodent Tapes 1989-005 (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  92. Collaborators (Episode 1)
    Arzathon & Friends

  93. Collaborators (Episode 2)
    Arzathon & Friends

  94. Collaborators (Episode 3)
    Arzathon & Friends

  95. Collaborators (Episode 4)
    Arzathon & Friends

  96. Ghost Of A Candle
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  97. Leyline
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  98. Trust (The Improvised Collaborations of Bret Hart)
    Rodent Tapes 2015-002 (Various Artists) (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  99. Still Waters
    Arzathon, Bret Hart, Phil Ogison (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  100. Shadowland (Ep)
    Arzathon & Eugene R. Speciale (Free Download)

  101. Vocalmental
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  102. Vocalmental (Engine Room Hollow)
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  103. The Collection (Vol. I)
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  104. The Collection (Vol. II)
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  105. The Collection (Vol. 4)
    Arzathon (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  106. Back From The Day (Vol.I)
    Gypsy (Free Download, Donations Welcome)

  107. Dare to Dream
    Gypsy (Free Download)

  108. Rising Sun Lubricator
    Arzathon & Don Campau (Free Download, Donations Welcome)


Arzathon Sweden

Artist/Audio Sculptor/Poet

Rodent Tapes

Arzathon an Audio Artist who has been recording and creating Audio Art since the late 70's. He has recorded with many artists from the world of Audio Art and Experimental Music.
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